Smartphones, Tablets or Laptops: Which Is the Best for Travelling?

When it comes to mobile devices you will be spoilt for choices in terms of the options available in the market. Smartphones, tablets, laptops are all devices that are capable of performing a multitude of functions and can effectively double as your workstations during travel. Tablets have become hugely popular, as they are regarded as being something of a mix between smartphones and laptops. Models like Samsung Galaxy tabs, have clocked record sales and they are only set to grow further. Other brands like Huawei tablet have also earned fair amount of popularity. If you are a gadget freak you must be familiar with all the different types of devices that are available in the market and their set of particular features. If not read our guide that will tell you about which is the best for travelling, between laptops, tablets and smartphones, according to your work profile and your personal taste:


Laptops are powerful machines that can be your trusted companions if you want to work while travelling. The downside of choosing laptops is that they are bulkier and heavier as compared to tablets and smartphones. Laptops can be used for a multitude of tasks ranging from sending emails to even performing heavy duty tasks like generating online 3D models and using software like AutoCAD. If you are employed in a sector which requires the use of high performance software, then laptop becomes essential. If you want to perform tasks which require less power like typing and editing documents, you can use tablets or smartphones. Keep in mind that almost all your professional tasks can be performed on a laptop, so it's a good idea to carry them around if you get last minute assignments from your boss or manager.


Tablets are versatile devices which are larger in size than smartphones but are definitely more portable than laptops. Tablets can be configured with more powerful processors and RAM owing to their larger size but they are still better by laptops in terms of specs. Tablets can also be attached with an external keyboard which makes them ideal for editing and typing. They also have a host of connectivity options like mobile internet through SIM cards which gives them an edge over laptops. If you don't always want to depend on WiFi, you should definitely consider using tablets as your travel buddies.


Regardless of your choice of laptops or Tablets, smartphones are travel essentials if you want to be in touch with your workplace and for also contacting your places of accommodation and other travel arrangements. You can also use Mobile internet through your smartphone to get your laptop or tablet connected to the internet, on the go.

As you can see, between Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops, each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Ideally, you should carry at least one other than your smartphone for your travels. We hope this guide has been informative for you. Check out our store at senQ for a complete range of latest smartphones, laptops and tablets at irresistible prices, combined with super fast delivery. Thanks for reading and have a great day ahead!