Time to get digitalized! Recommended apps that we've tried for your indoor activities!

Last week, we did an article entailing what are some activities that we can indulge in as we’re now all stuck indoors. Truth be told, we found something lacking in the article—it lacks execution.

To fix that, we’ve come up with a supplementary piece that showcases apps that we have tried that will help you execute the said activities!

Let’s get right into it!

Freeletics to help you with your indoor exercises
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Freeletics- Indoor Exercise

For starters, workouts can be a little difficult and we’re not talking about the physicality, but more on the human aspect of the training.

Being stuck indoors means that your personal trainer that you’ve booked at your favourite gym is going to be out of commission for a while, and it is no surprise that some of us might not make head or tail on what is the most suitable training regime for themselves.

Freeletics is a handy app that serves as a digital trainer that assists its users in their exercising plans that are tailored specifically to you—your physical traits etc.

And you if you want to go the distance, Freeletics offers premium services that provide personal trainers and customized coaching to guide you at a more personal level, think of it as a personal right-hand man for exercising!

You can download the Freeletics mobile app here. (Android users)

You can download the Freeletics mobile app here. (iOS users)

Netflix for your movie streaming purposes
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Movies- Netflix

What is arguably the most famous app on this list, Netflix for us still reigns as the top movie streaming platform that provides ultra-high quality definition for a wide catalogue of movies of various genres.

There is a lot to be said about Netflix but most of us are already accustomed to its capabilities. Its convenience cannot be overstated, from its impeccable personalization—if you are at a dead end on what to watch, Netflix usually has the best recommendations based off your interest—and subtitles for non-native speakers are one of the very few perks that Netflix provides.

Synced between both your desktops and mobile devices, users can also choose to watch their series or movies using their laptops/computers or they can opt to lie down at the comfort of their beds, binging through their mobile devices.

You can download the Netflix mobile app here (Android users).

You can download the Netflix mobile app here (iOS users)

Read books online through Amazon Kindle
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Reading- Amazon Kindle

Kindle is no stranger to avid readers as it is one of the pioneers of online reading apps; unless you’re the kind that prefers academic writing that is.

In all seriousness, Amazon Kindle allows its users to purchase their desired book in digital form. Scrap off the idea of your physical book getting wet, or fussing over which shelf does this book belong to, Kindle organizes them all flawlessly.

Note that Kindle not only provides generic storybooks, but it also has other niche options like manga, comics, magazines and newspaper dailies as well.

Its user interface is charmingly designed and is very accessible to all. Lightweight and cozy, reading through the app creates a comforting atmosphere, as if one is at a quiet and rustic coffee house where users can fully be absorbed into the reality of the e-book they are reading.

You can download the Amazon Kindle app here (Android users).

You can download the Amazon Kindle app here (iOS users).

Cook and improve your recipes with Tasty
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Cooking- Tasty

Earlier we talked about the Freeletics app being a personal fitness coach but digitalized, think of Tasty as a cooking counterpart of it.

Stocked daily with innovative cooking recipes, users can integrate their original recipes with the ones uploaded to the app for a change of pace or an improvisation. Cooking techniques are boundless and it is an eye-opener to learn what others interpretation of a specific meal is; like how a plate of fried rice can be so basic of a dish, but can be expanded via different cooking methods and styles.

Besides written form, there are also videos that are food-related which illustrate the latest cooking and food trends to know what other parts of the planet are cooking.

And if you want the app to be more personalized, there is also the filter function where you can pick your ideal taste or appetite and the app will complement your choices. For instance, if you’re a vegetarian/vegan, Tasty will then omit out recipes/videos that include meat or dairy products.

You can download the Tasty app here (Android users).

You can download the Tasty app here (iOS users).

Pit your wits against your family and friends with QuizUp
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Games- QuizUp

One can talk about the Clash of Clans, Tower of Saviors, or Mobile Legends, and don’t get us wrong, these are all great games, but we are looking at something more universal that can be enjoyed by all demographics.

QuizUp is a trivia app that pits you against players from different countries in an intellectual battle. There is a TON of topics for you to choose from—you name it—general knowledge, geography, world history and entertainment.

The app is fast-paced, engrossing and totally free. And if you are looking to play with your friends or family members, you can pair this app up with your other social media accounts and it will sync your friends along with it where you can then prove to your peers that you are the Einstein amongst them all!

You can download the QuizUp app here (Android users).

You can download the QuizUp app here (iOS users).