Prep Your Home for Raya: 5 Tips to Know when Buying Vacuum CleanersPrep Your Home for Raya: 5 Tips to Know when Buying Vacuum Cleaners

Beginner's Guide: 5 Tips to Know when Buying Vacuum Cleaners

The festivities are coming one after another, and you’d like to get a new vacuum cleaner to get your home ready! The next thing you know, your guests are here! Now that you’ve got your mind set on getting one, the next question is, what vacuum cleaners should you get?


If you’re buying a new vacuum cleaner, be sure to know what it’s specifically made for and how you can best bring out its full potential.


Things to consider are as follow.

Save Time on Vacuuming With a Cordless VacuumSave Time on Vacuuming With a Cordless Vacuum

1. Save Time on Vacuuming With a Cordless Vacuum

Despite you having the enthusiasm to deep clean your home now, you might not have the time or energy to clean as thoroughly. There are still a lot of people that don’t fully commit to a fixed routine and they clean their home once in a while.


Therefore, if you’re someone who are always looking for ways to save time, a hand-held vacuum that’s light and powerful can definitely help you out.


Since there are no cords involved, you don’t have to plug in and out when you move from room to room. Just clean as you go, and pop it back to the charging station when you’re done.

The hand-held models from JIMMY can definitely do that, and they’re absolutely delightful to use!

The Flooring of Your HomeThe Flooring of Your Home

2. The Flooring of Your Home

Although most modern vacuum cleaners are equipped with the necessary tools to clean different types of floors, it is always a good to have a decent understanding on what aspect should be prioritized for specific floorings.


Usually, the biggest headache when it comes to vacuuming is carpeted floors. As dusts and allergens tend to stubbornly stay inside your carpets, you would need a vacuum cleaner that has enough suction power to suck them away.


JIMMY vacuums are engineered to have strong suction power and are ideal for households with carpeted floors. There are also different brushes and attachments for different floorings, so you can be sure that they can clean any kind of floors.


And as for tile floors, the job is much easier with JIMMY too! The JIMMY JV65 has a mop attachment so you can use that to clean tile floors too.

Get In All the Nooks and Crannies with a Hand-held VacuumGet In All the Nooks and Crannies with a Hand-held Vacuum

3. Get In All the Nooks and Crannies with a Hand-held Vacuum

Having beautiful bookshelves and furniture are nice aesthetics to your home—though they come with a cost as they attract dusts and are difficult to clean.


The difficult part we’re mentioning here is the accessibility. Sure, dusting is an easy task for most vacuums but getting into those tight spots inside your cabinet or shelf is a hassle when using a large vacuum.


This is where cordless, hand-held vacuums really shine. Not only are they easily kept, but they are also extremely portable and easy to use, especially when vacuuming small spots between furniture.


JIMMY has an amazing selection of cordless vacuums that are designed with a lightweight approach, combining both aesthetics and functionality.

Make Sure There’s A HEPA FilterMake Sure There’s A HEPA Filter

4. Make Sure There’s a HEPA Filter

This usually isn’t an issue for newer models, but some older vacuum versions might not have the allergen-removal mechanism.


With health being our top priority, we highly recommend that you get a vacuum cleaner that can also clean allergens.


JIMMY’s cordless vacuum cleaners are excellent allergen removers as their vacuums do come with their own HEPA filter. What the HEPA filter does is that it separates the dust and allergens—reducing pollutants around the air.

Maintaining the Vacuum CleanerMaintaining the Vacuum Cleaner

5. Maintaining the Vacuum Cleaner

Like most appliances, vacuum cleaners also require care and cleaning which can be tedious to some extent.


The conventional bagged vacuum cleaner would require you to purchase bags to store the debris, which translates to higher costs too.


The cordless, hand-held vacuums such as  JIMMY H9 Flex Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is so user-friendly, making them easier to clean. Just empty it with a single press of a button, and you can then easily clean it before popping it back.

Maintaining the Vacuum CleanerMaintaining the Vacuum Cleaner

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