Better Safe than Sorry: Precautionary Measures against the Coronavirus Outbreak

The talk of the town, world in fact, for these past months has been the Coronavirus or in popular terms, the Wuhan Virus.

Scientists are working hard on a vaccine and government enacting policies to try and curb this outbreak, and we as responsible inhabitants of this planet must also do our utmost to prevent this putrid plague from spreading even further.

What is coronavirus

What is the Wuhan Virus?

The Wuhan Virus in essence a coronavirus that hails from a family of viruses that is of the respiratory vector; largely similar to the notorious SARS and MERS.

Birthed from Wuhan City, Hubei, this form of coronavirus is unheard of and thus void of vaccination and unclear of its effects.

Coming down from various vectors, the prominent one would be coughing and other medical problems like common cold and fever.

There are also a lot of buzz stating and claiming that the source of the virus is either through bats or snakes that inhabited from Wuhan, China.

That said, the source of the virus should be the least of the commoners problems as this are issues that scientists and doctors are qualified to discuss, where on the other hand, we are also tasked with another responsibility in ensuring that we are in the best condition available and attentively carry out precautionary measures to keep this virus at bay.

Wash your hands properly to avoid coronavirus

Image Source: World Health Organization

1. Constantly Wash Your Hands and Shower Attentively

We understand if you are in a rush or hurry, but that does not warrant you to neglect your health as it is and always will be our priority. Showers tend to be effortless with us Malaysians as we are always late for work or a meeting where we are forced to clean ourselves lazily.

Besides that, properly washing our hands is basically non-existent in our community. Sure, maybe after using the washroom, but what about before a meal and after a meal? These simple hygienic measures are actually a very important habitual mindset in which it can help reduce our vulnerability towards the coronavirus.

Take your time and scrub your hands after and before meals with soap or hand sanitizers. Baths and showers should be taken more seriously, there are water heaters out there that provide great functionalities for a perfect bath that ensures your body is well washed.

Additionally, make sure the clothes you wear are clean. Nowadays there are a lot of affordable washing machines that do the job perfectly well; using your bare hands just doesn’t cut it, germs and viruses can linger on your clothes for a period of time.

Personal hygiene is crucial and is a primary step that everyone should take on a serious note.

Prepare your food with care for the prevention of coronavirus
Image Source: World Health Organization

2. Consumption of Raw Food Should Be Avoided

As stated above, the Wuhan Virus began through animals; bats and snakes to be exact. While there are no concrete sources/evidences confirming that other raw animals can contribute to this disease, for the time being, it is still highly advised to exempt ourselves from raw animal meat intake.

And to be on the safer side, we suggest ingredients and meals are to be cooked carefully. Make sure that the raw meats that you are about to steam or grill are done correctly. Beforehand, keeping your ingredients preserved in a refrigerator or freezer right after purchasing them from the market, this is because low temperature ensures that the microorganisms remain inactive.

As for the cooking process, depending on your style of cooking, take note of the temperature used to boil or steam your meats; ideally you would want fumes strong enough that it can eliminate the remnants of microbes inhabiting your precious food.

Hence, prepare your meals with the utmost care as you would want to close any loopholes that the virus can exploit. As they say, you are what you eat.

Cover your mouth while coughing to avoid spreading of coronavirus

Image Source: World Health Organization

3. Cover Your Mouth While Coughing

Always keep a personal handkerchief with you. Another option would be tissue papers, but the main idea here is to protect others from potentially getting the virus.

Given a worst-case scenario where you don’t have tissue papers or a handkerchief and you are about to sneeze, try to keep a comfortable distance away from your peers. It is appropriate and the right thing to do.

Tissue papers that are used after sneezing should be disposed of immediately. Wash your hands afterwards with hand sanitizers and soap. It is basic and simple, but it goes a long way.

Avoided crowded areas like theaters and shopping complexes

Image Source: World Health Organization

4. Avoid Crowded Areas

You know it’s no joke when international airports are calling off their flights to and from China. We might not have it as bad as the Chinese, but if possible, try omitting yourself from overcrowded places; visits to theatres, wet markets and shopping complexes should be reduced unless necessary.

While outdoors, avoid close contact with a person that has recently developed flu or a fever. And if you are any form of discomfort, do not panic and promptly seek medical advice from your local doctor.

Ensure that your home is clean that helps prevent the coronavirus from spreading

5. Ensure the Environment is Clean

Malaysia is well-known for its humidity and most viruses thrive on damp areas. Having air-conditioning or at least an air purifier can easily make your home environment cleaner and fresher.

If you opt for a more manual approach, tidying up your house with a vacuum cleaner or scrubbing windows and floors with disinfectants are also decent alternatives as long as the place that you are living is hygienic and clean.

On a Final Note…….

Luckily things aren’t as bad here in Malaysia, but we do want to keep ourselves as impervious to this virus as possible. As long as we maintain our hygienic measures there is very little chance for us to get contracted with the coronavirus.

Stay safe and we’ll overcome this together.

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