The New WFH: 7 Ways For a More Productive DayThe New WFH: 7 Ways For a More Productive Day

The New WFH: 7 Ways For a More Productive Day

Working from home—to a lot of people—might seem to be a blessing in disguise. But if we’re too lax, we will start to get complacent which spells danger.


Therefore, we came up with several ways you can keep yourself focused while facing the multitudes of distractions from your home.


In the end, we want to get things done efficiently!

Make a timetableMake a timetable

1. Make a timetable

When we're cooped up at home and having to juggle between work and chores, it is no surprise that certain things might fly over our heads.


By creating a timetable, we can organize our personal routine in an orderly manner like sorting out priorities for the day.


Having a tablet like Microsoft's Surface devices, you can easily draft out a timetable or a to-do list to bring the best out of your day!

Take a breakTake a break

2. Take a break

Stress is definitely not limited to the office. Yes, even when we're at home, stress can still make its way to our head.


Sometimes, it will do us good to just pull the plug and relax. Make yourself a cup of coffee or catch a quick bite before continuing your work.

Make the best out of online meetingsMake the best out of online meetings

3. Make the best out of online meetings

We're extremely lucky that we have dedicated platforms like Zoom and Google Meet to conduct meetings online—make the best out of it!


Most text messages tend to get misinterpreted but with video meetings, we can get our message across much easier—reducing communication breakdowns.


And if your internet connection is on the weaker side, we recommend getting some of tp-link's accessories to bolster your connectivity. You wouldn't want to be video buffering while speaking to your colleagues.

Listen to music while workingListen to music while working

4. Listen to music while working

Ever wonder why people love to hang out or do their work at Starbucks?


The coffee is one thing, but it's usually the serene ambiance that allows us to do our work in a calm manner.


The best way to replicate such an atmosphere, music is essential! With an awesome soundbar or audio system, you can enjoy the finest jazz tunes to vibe along with your work.


Coffee, music and an air-conditioned room-- you are now bringing out the most from this 'work from home' period!

Attend online classesAttend online classes

5. Attend online classes

It is always great to pick up a new skill or two.


Understanding that outings are extremely limited, we suggest taking the spare time to attend skill-learning classes from websites like LinkedIn and Khan Academy.


Equipping yourself with a new skill or two can not only help you with your current work, but can also enhance your personal growth by bettering your career's portfolio.

Sort out your chores before workSort out your chores before work

6. Sort out your chores before work

House chores can be an unwanted distraction but as much as we dislike it, chores don't clean up themselves.


Hence, it is handy to have some home appliances stored at home to quickly finish these chores.


By finishing your chores beforehand, your mind will be completely clear to finish your assignments, sparing you unnecessary procrastinations.

Indoor exercisingIndoor exercising

7. Indoor exercising

While maintaining a sharp state of mind is essential for work efficiency, having a tip top physical body is equally important.


Wearables like smart watches are conveniently useful in tracking your fitness level and can also help manage your workout activities altogether.


But if you prefer a more traditional way of exercise, our stores are currently featuring Ogawa's exclusive treadmill.


So if you're into light jogging or casual sprinting, this item might be right up your alley!


That said, we pray that our readers and customers are always in the best of health and not burn themselves out while working from home. We will get through this pandemic together!