PS4 vs PS5: Is it Worth the Change?PS4 vs PS5: Is it Worth the Change?

PS4 vs PS5: Is it Worth the Change?

It has been the talk of the gaming industry all year long, and bound to be on the mind of gamers who are loyal to the SONY PS4. SONY’s latest PS5 entry promises a lot, with its GPU and CPU far more capable than before. But is it really worth it?

Veteran gamers will know by now that the hype may not be as promising as the real experience of owning one. As Thanos from Marvel once said, “reality is often disappointing”.


Or maybe, it isn’t at all?


So, we’re here today to dissect the 4 points on how the PS5 stacks up to its predecessor, so you can make an informed choice on whether to get one for yourself.

Specs: Processor & Graphics Specs: Processor & Graphics

1.Specs: Processor & Graphics 

First, let’s talk about processing power. Both the PS4 and PS5 utilises octa-cores but their design is different. So what does this mean?


They both use custom AMD CPUs, but the PS4 sports the x86-64 AMD Jaguar, while the PS5 boasts a more superior AMD Zen 2. What that equates is that most games are able to achieve 4k or 120fps — there’s support for 8k resolution as well for the PS5. 


Although the PS4 can handle 4k images, the PS5 is able to render even the most minimal details seamlessly like shadows and light, also known as ray tracing.


Putting it simply, it has a better, faster engine that’s able to render even more realistic images.

Storage: The Change towards SSDStorage: The Change towards SSD

2.Storage: The Change towards SSD

Another great leap that SONY has made in the PS5 is the change towards SSD.


As the previous PS4 runs using the HDD, this meant that it has moving mechanical parts when the console is operating. This can be a backlash because moving materials can wear overtime. But the tie-breaker here might be in its speed.


Games can load up to 19-times faster on the PS5. Games will start immediately when you run them and the entire operating system of the console is much more seamless.


Plus, by using a SSD, SONY has opened a new lane of possibilities for game developers in the as they can now invest heavily on more ‘file heavy’ assets for future games. Better game contents in terms of visual and audio, which might not be possible with the dated HDD.

Games: Are the PS5 Exclusives Worth It?Games: Are the PS5 Exclusives Worth It?
Source: Playstation Official Store

3.Games: Are the PS5 Exclusives Worth It?

The most exciting part of getting the PS5 is the latest games that you’re able to enjoy. The ones that are the most popular are Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Demon Souls and God of War: Ragnarok.


All of them are equally good. Spider-Man has been one of the best Marvel superhero game to date, Demon’s Souls is from FromSoftware that developed the widely-acclaimed Dark Souls series, and God of War needs no introduction as it has been the hallmark for SONY exclusives.


If you wish to be one of the first few among your gamer friends to play them, it’s a no-brainer to get the latest PS5.


But if you want to enjoy other critically-acclaimed games for PS4, such as Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Destiny, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the PS5 has backward compatibility too. It’s another tick in the check box for your ‘Reasons to Get the PS5’ list.

Controller: The All-new DualSenseController: The All-new DualSense
Source: Playstation Official Store

4.Controller: The All-new DualSense

The DualShock controller has been around since the time of PS1. Carrying itself ‘till the PS4, it really has stood the test of time. As all good things must come to an end, the PS5 will not be continuing the DualShock line.


In its place will be the all-new DualSense controller. So what is it that the DualSense is bringing to the table that manages to oust a controller line that has been with us for more than a decade?


As modern tech goes, the DualSense is said to have a better battery life and a new design outlook, but its uniqueness comes from its haptic feedback.


Imagine your character walking on top of a glass floor and the vibration you feel from the DualSense controller will be as if you are walking on the glass floor itself—this is a big plus point for game immersion.


This is also not limited to walking mechanics. Actions like punching or using a specific equipment are also seamlessly intuitive with the haptic feedback—users will be able to palpably feel the impact of a hit or the drawback in firing a gun.

Conclusion: Is It Worth Every Penny?

Is the PS5 better than worth than PS4? In terms of technical specification, the PS5 wins. It’s also future-proof for the next few years, especially with the 8k capability which will be implemented in games soon.


No doubt, there are certain areas that might be a turn-off for some, like the housing of the console itself which takes up a large space. But we believe it all comes down to the gaming experience. Why settle for less, when you can have the best?


Since we’ve laid down the facts, now it’s your turn to make the decision!