Remembering the BEST snacks of CNY

The other day, we’ve went through on what are gear-grinders that genuinely puts us off during the CNY. Even so, CNY is the embodiment of prosperity and blessings and is gifted with the best events and activities.

Aside from the much-worshipped angpow, there are still plenty of other joyous wonders for us to savour upon. Quite literally ‘savour’.

Who could have missed out on CNY snacks as one of the ACTUAL blessings of this festive event? It is the time where gluttony is encouraged and diet regimes meet their end. These treaties are mercilessly devoured by kids and adults alike, so let us traverse into the culinary titbits that makes our CNY that much more enjoyable.

Remembering the BEST snacks of CNY

1. Kueh Kapit (Love-letter cookies)

Consider this a Chinese-style miniature fried pancake. Crunchier and smaller but definitely doesn’t fall short taste-wise!

The unofficial English name for this snack is called “love-letter cookies” due to its love-letter shaped design. Folded like a handkerchief, these treaties are a must in every household while its unique texture and aromatic sweet taste integrates both deliciousness and aesthetic into one.

Traditionally, this delicacy is made when the finished batter is poured into a waffle-like mould and heated using either a charcoal stove or an electric kueh kapit maker.

Essentially, the batter is formed through the emulsification of coconut milk, egg and caramel sugar. If done to perfection, the end product of your kueh kapit would be thin and crispy while also imbued with alluring scent of sweetness.

Remembering the BEST snacks of CNY

2. Nga-ku chips (Arrow head Chips)

Deep fried with cooking oil with the addition of oil forms one of CNY finest. Often regarded as the Chinese Mr.Pringles and Mister Potato, this oily phenomenon is loved by many and a staple for any CNY gathering.

Made from sliced arrowroots, the chips are then soaked with lightly salted water for approximately 30 minutes. The next step then would be to the frying of the chips. If done properly with a top-grade fryer, the color of the chips would change to a light golden brown which signifies that the chips are well done.

What you would taste from these chips is the richness of the potato flavour deep fried immaculately. If done properly, the texture would be smooth yet crunchy and one would not have a difficult time chewing through it.

Ultimately, it would be as if you are binge-eating a bag of chips but an outstanding container of Arrowhead chips will tempt you into wanting more. Don’t be surprised if you see any of your relatives or you yourself solo an entire bucket of Nga-ku chips, it’s very possible.

Remembering the BEST snacks of CNY

3. Pineapple tarts

This is probably one of the more unique one in the list. Pineapple tarts have a leeway for bakers to alternate between shapes and forms. Hence, if you are to wander around the markets during the CNY period, you can see a lot of interesting concepts used to make these tarts.

From one store, there are tarts made identical to animals (expect rats this season!) and some representing flowers or falling back to generic looks where most of them are circular in shape.

Sweet with ounces of sourness, the pineapple tarts are perfect for kids and adults alike. The fragile formation of the buttery pastry is heaven to the taste buds, complemented by lava-like pineapple filling that invades your mouth with the fragrance of the fruit.

The beauty of it processing through the oven is a sight to see. The process of the batter turning from pale white into the golden yellow soft texture is wholly satisfying.

Remembering the BEST snacks of CNY

4. Peanut candies

The brother of taffies but in nut form. This treat introduces the combination of both syrup/malt and fresh nuts. The thickness and firmness of this candy come differently. Traditionally hard, these candies have gone through different improvisations where the surface and texture are becoming less tough as more people prefer the softer alternative.

Nut lovers are guaranteed to drool over this. Found in many rural shops situated in the streets of KL, this criminally underrated gem is often overlooked but delivers an authentic taste that is genuine and reminiscent.

Remembering the BEST snacks of CNY

5. Kuih Bangkit

These tiny white pieces of beauty are also one of the most loved snacks in the Chinese tradition. Surprisingly, the origin of this snack hails from the Nyonya descent.

The name, on the other hand, derives from the term ‘bangkit’ which translates literally to ‘rise’ as when they are baked, the process includes the cookies rising up from their flattened form.

Thick in its texture, the first bite breaks into cookie-like debris that encapsulates your mouth. Some might find the soggy aftertaste unrefined, but we can tell you the experience is well worth it as the unique taste and texture is something else!

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