7 Simple Ways to Clean Up this Christmas7 Simple Ways to Clean Up this Christmas

7 Simple Ways to Clean Up this Christmas

While this year’s Christmas might be a little more silent than usual due to the pandemic, we all should not let it get to us—you wouldn’t want Santa to visit an untidy home! 


So here’s some simple ways to make your home clean and cozy this festive season, while you look prim and proper to celebrate Christmas with your close friends and family! To our friends who don’t celebrate Christmas, these tips are useful for any festive season too!

Use a Robotic VacuumUse a Robotic Vacuum

1. Use a Robotic Vacuum

Having a dusty or oily floor can be extremely annoying, and it can’t be avoided when you have food, drinks and snacks, feeding everyone with festive goodies. It wouldn’t be as much fun either when you’re opening up presents on a dirty floor.


Then again, vacuuming can be physically tedious. Luckily, there’s a way to make this task easier! Just get a robotic vacuum. They can easily detect dust and crumbs lying on the floor, but more importantly, it sweeps and mops all kinds of surfaces, without you having to lift a finger!


Now that’s one thing to tick off your “to do” list when cleaning your home!


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Use Vinegar and Water to Clean Your FridgeUse Vinegar and Water to Clean Your Fridge

2. Use Vinegar and Water to Clean Your Fridge

Prepping for the festive season can be a little tricky with the current pandemic. Some stores may not be able to carry as much stock for your favorite snacks and food, so we tend to buy more to fill up the pantry. But buying more means storing food for a longer period of time.


To make sure your food stays fresh until the day arrives, start grabbing a pair of gloves and clean your fridge with a solution of water and vinegar! Spray the solution on the shelves and gaskets. Let it soak for a while and wipe off with a rag. It’ll be super clean in no time at all!


So why is it important to have a hygienic fridge? The big thing would be mould. Overtime, your fridge will accumulate a copious amount of mould, especially inside the gasket. If left as it is, pieces of mould might get into your food and can potentially damage its freshness.


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Clear Out Unwanted Items With UsClear Out Unwanted Items With Us

3. Clear Out Unwanted Items With Us

You don’t have to wait till spring to start clearing out unwanted items! If you’re expecting guests, it’s best to keep your area spacious and simple—you wouldn’t want to spend precious time with your family members in a messy place.


To help you with disposal of electronic wastes, we do offer a dedicated e-waste program where we’ll ensure that your unwanted appliances are disposed in a proper manner. Just contact your nearest showroom to know more!


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Dust Your Air PurifiersDust Your Air Purifiers

4. Dust Your Air Purifiers

It’s not only the stuff in your home needs a thorough cleaning. The air in your home needs to be cleaned too! An air purifier not only helps to refresh the air, but helps to remove pollens, moulds and viruses lingering in it.


If you do own an air purifier, give it a good wipe down. Changing the filter is easy too, and it helps to keep your air purifier working in tip top condition. Just follow the instruction manual provided.


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Clean Your Cutlery EasilyClean Your Cutlery Easily

5. Clean Your Cutlery Easily

If you’re having guests over, you would probably need to take out those backup cutleries you have stored.


As they’re the backup, we expect that they are not frequently used and might have lingering allergens in them. What you would want to do is to soak them with some warm water and soap, and then rinse them. They’ll be good as new!


Make sure to look around the cutleries too, and make sure there isn’t any rust in them. Rusty cutleries can be dangerous, especially when it comes in contact with acidic food.


For harder to remove stains for cups and ovens, getting a cleaning agent that does the hard work for you is very useful.


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Cut Down On Ironing TimeCut Down On Ironing Time

6. Cut Down On Ironing Time

As you would have prepared your dedicated Christmas attire, you would want it in the best possible condition. After buying it, make sure to rinse it first to get out any remaining allergens. Be sure to iron it straight and sleek.


But ironing can be a chore. To cut out the time needed to iron, use an easy-iron spray to make sure that your clothes are wrinkle free.


Also, be sure to check the type of iron you are using, as different soleplates are intended for different types of fabric. If you’re not keen on ironing, use a steamer instead!


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Easy GroomingEasy Grooming

7. Easy Grooming

Besides your home, you need to keep yourself looking fresh too! The guys will definitely do well with an electric shaver —the easy way to keep your beard trimmed. For the ladies, the ladies shaver will help to keep body hair away too.


These little appliances will definitely make your life a bit easier when it comes to grooming ourselves. Of course, keeping ourselves looking at our best is respectful towards the guests we are going to have in our home.


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All in all, we wish all of our readers a wonderful holiday season this Christmas, and remember to keep yourself safe as we approach the New Year together!