Why 12.12 is the Sequel to 11.11?Why 12.12 is the Sequel to 11.11?

Why 12.12 is the Sequel to 11.11?

Have you ever wondered why there’s a 12.12 after the 11.11 shopping event? Let’s take a look at the origin of this day that’s full of deals and promotions!

A Little Backstory of 11.11 A Little Backstory of 11.11

A Little Backstory of 11.11

Singles’ Day, or Bachelors’ day, first came to be at Nanjing University in 1993, and the celebrations start spreading to other universities during the 90s. The date, 11th November, was chosen as it represents four single men, or bachelors. With the advent of social media, the celebration of singlehood has become increasingly popular with contemporary Chinese culture.


But where does the shopping part come in?

Double 11 SaleDouble 11 Sale

In 2009, the first ever “Double 11” sale was launched on Alibaba. Since then, it has transformed the celebration of Singles’ Day into an online shopping extravaganza. The annual event has made history, generating headlines by becoming the largest shopping day in the world. Think of it as the Asian version of the more traditional Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping events, but bigger than both combined!


Today, we see all our favourite brands following this trend, to the delight of shoppers everywhere. Aren’t you glad that you’re getting the best deals with vouchers every year from your favourite brands?

How About 12.12?How About 12.12?

How About 12.12?

The 12.12 shopping event is made for small and medium-sized brands, that may not be able to get a chance to shine during 11.11. Loving a local handmade soap, or a local handmade sauce that you just can’t get enough of? Be patient and wait till 12.12! They just might be having sales on that day.


Online marketplaces that have a bigger presence at Southeast Asia are also using this date to their advantage, as the date is closer to Christmas and other festivities. That’s the season when Malaysians will indulge in one of our favourite pastimes – shopping, shopping and more shopping!


Therefore, your favourite brands will most probably having sales during this day. It’s also the perfect time to get a gift for your family and friends, without burning a hole in your pocket!

Don’t Forget Our 12.12 BigONE Year End Festival! Don’t Forget Our 12.12 BigONE Year End Festival!

Don’t Forget Our 12.12 BigONE Year End Festival!

Happening this 1st Dec – 14th Dec 2020, our 12.12 BigONE Year End Festival is not only happening on 12.12! Take the time to browse the items you really want, but remember to check out or you’ll miss these deals!


There are discounts up to 60%, together with exclusive brand vouchers worth RM50! Now isn’t that music to your ears?


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