5 Safety Tips for Shopping During CMCO!5 Safety Tips for Shopping During CMCO!

5 Safety Tips for Shopping During CMCO!

Most of us aren’t keen on going to malls during the CMCO period and understandably so. While it’s ill-advised to do outdoor activities, we would still need to visit malls to get our groceries done or buy needed electrical items.


Hence, we’re here to breakdown some of the dos and don’ts for a safer, healthier shopping experience!

Do Wear a MaskDo Wear a Mask

1. Do Wear a Mask

This goes without saying. Always keep your mask on and make sure they’re worn properly.


The mask primarily serves as a cover for both your nose and mouth that reduces the transmission of bacteria and viruses. It greatly helps when you’re trying to reduce contact with other people, in crowded places like malls or the supermarket.


If given the option, try to get the conventional surgical mask. It is better recommended, as it is tailor-made, with the proper material, for situation like these.

Do Use a Hand SanitizerDo Use a Hand Sanitizer

2. Do Use a Hand Sanitizer

This gooey yet cooling product helps in disinfecting bacteria and viruses. Applying it will provide an extra layer of defense on your hands—handy when you’re touching unfamiliar surfaces.


Usually provided by the stores you’re visiting, it’s best to have your own personal hand sanitizer as it will help to reduce contact with others.


Whenever you enter or exit a shop, remember to apply the sanitizer on one palm and rub it all over your hands. Be sure to do so until the liquid on your hand is completely dried before continuing to the next shop!

Do Pay With your e-WalletDo Pay With your e-Wallet

3. Do Pay With your e-Wallet

Try avoiding physical commodities like cash or credit cards as this helps to reduce contact.


Utilize e-payment gateways like GrabPay or QR Pay—both sanitary and convenient. If must, just wave your debit/credit card yourself to the reader, as most cards have the PayWave system intact these days.

Do Shop during Off-hoursDo Shop during Off-hours

4. Do Shop during Off-hours

It’s best to avoid shopping during peak hours (12pm-4pm) if you’re going to the mall. Early hours from (10.30am-12pm) are the best hours to shop at malls for there are lesser crowds in the morning.


Make a checklist of what you want to get beforehand. Know that you are in the mall to get things done and not to window shop.

Don’t Gather at EateriesDon’t Gather at Eateries

5. Don’t Gather at Eateries

Now is really not the time for a yumcha session with your friends and family. If you truly crave for that bubble tea or that delicious cup of coffee, make it a takeaway.


Public utensils and cookware are all susceptible to bacteria. If you are eating out at a mall, we recommend you to bring your own personal utensil, or use disposable, eco-friendly ones.

All in all, just be sure to follow the proper SOPs when you’re outside. Do what you need to do and get back home as soon as possible. We’ll get through this together, and in no time, we’ll be able to shop to our heart’s content as usual!


But for now, let us bear with the new normal, and remember to always stay safe, wherever you are!