Excel Shortcuts for Work: Make It Simple!

Excel Sheets Getting in Your Head?

Excel sheets can become quite extensive, with numerous rows and columns. Navigating through this sea of data can be time-consuming, but not if you know the right shortcuts. To help you streamline your tasks, follow these Excel tips and breeze through your daily work!

1. Line Breaks, Wrapping Text

It's frustrating when you type into Excel - all it does is to extend your text indefinitely, not wrapping it into a new line.

To create a new line within a cell, type Alt+Enter (note that pressing Enter alone will exit the cell). Alternatively, you can opt for the Wrap Text feature located under the Home tab. This feature ensures that all text wraps neatly at the cell's edge. If you need the text to re-wrap after resizing a row or column, it will automatically adjust to fit.

If you have multiple cells with text that exceeds their boundaries, select them all and then activate the Wrap Text option. That will save you time!

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2. Just Stop Scrolling, Use CTRL!

Some of you might have been using Excel a long time, but you might be still scrolling to traverse across the huge amounts of data on your spreadsheet. Just stop scrolling, and remember that the CTRL button can be a lifesaver when you're trying to find a needle in the data haystack.

Ctrl + Down Arrow: This takes you to the last cell in a column with data before encountering an empty cell. It's perfect for quickly finding the end of a dataset.

Ctrl + Up Arrow: In contrast, this shortcut takes you to the first cell in a column, skipping any blank cells. It's ideal for returning to the top of your data.
Ctrl + Right Arrow: This sends you to the last cell in a row with data before reaching an empty cell. It's handy for navigating horizontally.
Ctrl + Left Arrow: Conversely, this shortcut brings you to the first cell in a row, bypassing any blank cells. It's great for moving left across your data.

Using these shortcuts can save you a significant amount of time!

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3. Auto-Fill is Like Magic!

This might seem obvious to all Excel users, but it's surprisingly easy to overlook. Imagine you're faced with the task of entering a repetitive series, like dates, time, and so on. It could easily eat up a big part of your work day if you're typing each and every line.

Instead of manually typing them one by one, here's a handy trick. Begin the series, then navigate your cursor to the lower-right corner of the last cell. You'll notice the cursor turns into a plus sign (+). Click and drag to select all the cells you want to fill, and like magic, they'll auto-fill following the pattern you initiated. This can work vertically within a column or horizontally along a row.

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