Meal Prep With Us: 3 Great Ideas

You must be tired of eating at the shops around your office area during the weekdays. Want to bring your own meals but always don't have the time?

It cannot be denied, it's quite a chore to prep meals for work. Most of us don't have time to get up early in the morning to cook, as we need to leave home early so that we won't get stuck in the traffic jam. Moreover, those who take public transport will need to leave home even early! 

However, meal prepping can be an easy task. A variety of easy and simple but delicious menus can be adpated for meal prepping. Don't worry, there are all kinds of electric kitchen appliances that can help you cook easily. Fried or steamed, all is possible!



Rice and Your Favourite Dish!

Malaysians are synonymous with dishes that pairs well with rice. So, if you're not having rice for lunch, you might feel that it's incomplete. To make your favourite dish and that bowl of rice can be really tedious for some.

But, if you have a multi cooker at home, you can cook rice and your favourite dishe simultaneously in the same pot. Or you can cook two types of dishes in the same pot. For example, you can use the multi cooker to cook rice and steam dishes such as eggs, chicken, fish and so on in the tray above the rice. You can also cook soup easily. Save time, easy and nutritious. After it's cooked, all you have to do is arrange it and put it in your container.