3 Living Room Decor Ideas for Your TV

Decorate your Space with your TV!

The living room is where you and your loved ones will gather to unwind, to connect, and to make memories. It's essential to create a space reflects your tastes and personality for a comfortable environment. There are many decor ideas on the internet, but have you thought to decorate with your TV as your main focal point? Here are three exciting living room decor ideas to transform your space, by incorporating your TV!

1. The Contemporary Art Gallery

If you prefer a clutter-free, sleek living room, this style might be for you. Start by selecting a neutral color scheme with shades like whites, grays, and blacks as your base. Keep your furniture sleek and unobtrusive, with clean lines and minimal ornamentation. You can then design your walls as if it's an art gallery, with art pieces and photography prints you love, framed in black. Install a track lighting system that focuses on multiple parts of your wall.

But most of all, your TV selected needs to be the focal point! Use it as a giant frame that showcases the photos of your loved ones, or other photos that you love in a slideshow.

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2. Cozy Comfort with Cinema Vibes

Choose a dark color palette with soothing tones of moss green, navy blue, and hints of gold. Use soft, plush textiles like faux fur throws, knitted blankets, and oversized cushions for the added texture. Use soft, ambient lighting with floor lamps and candles to enhance the relaxed atmosphere. You can then create a cozy movie nook with a shelf filled with movie memorabilia, together with a minibar for serving drinks and snacks. Don't forget the movie posters - showcase all your favourite movies and characters on the wall.

But most of all, your TV needs to be the focal point! Choose one that has Smart TV capabilities and use it to access your favourite TV apps. You will then have access to all the movies and dramas you want, on demand. The child in you will certainly thank your adult self for creating this fun space!

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3. The World Traveller

You love travel-inspiration shows, travel vlogs, and everything related to travel. Why not decorate your space for that theme? Get the romantic look for your living room by opting for wooden furniture and earthy color palettes. Think of warm browns, beautiful reds, and soft creams. Incorporate geometric prints into your throw pillows, curtains, or wall art, just for that far-away-culture touch.

And of course, your TV will need to fit into the theme too! A beautiful OLED TV will certainly showcase the sceneries you love in the best representation possible, making it even more immersive to watch your travel shows. So go ahead and put up your feet armchair tarveller, and revel in the space that you've just created!

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