The Coldest Time of the Year Calls for the Best Time for Food and Togetherness!

Sadly, we don’t have winter like most European countries, there’s no ice skating or snowman building. Realistically, it will still be hot and humid in Malaysia but we make do with what we have right? Yep, we might not have the weather conditions of a typical Christmas, but we strongly bear the core values of it like togetherness and the art of sharing.

Stereotypically, Malaysians tend to fret and ponder about what gifts and present that we ought to get for our peers or family. But that’s the Malaysia nature, when we actually do something, we want to do it RIGHT!

So let this get this show on the road and let us decipher what are the ideal gifts for this year’s Christmas!

Home appliances to enrich the togetherness within us

Often when we talk about spending or gifting something, it’s always half-hearted, where in essence we are just gifting for the sake of gifting. A total “yew” and is totally not genuine.

Look for something more honest, a gift that he or she’s entire family is able to use together. Christmas usually calls for the best of meals; it’s a time where families and relatives band together to feast on homey dishes and refined beverages.

Panasonic line of home products are up there with the very best. Its brilliance in cookers and ovens introduce and welcome different types of cooking methods which break out of your conventional Christmas meals. Something different but definitely better!

Christmas is never really complete without bottles of intoxicating wine. Although rarely used in Malaysia due to their hefty pricing and does not really equate to practical value, today’s wine coolers are more sophisticated where their worth are tenfold. While there are only a few brands that carry top-notch wine coolers, Tuscani have been consistently producing top-graded wine coolers these couple of years where they masterfully combined aesthetics with remarkable features.

While there are more items that are highly suited to make your Christmas shine, at its core, these appliances and should and must be able to assist in fostering the best quality of togetherness amongst relatives and friends.

Joy, laughter and happiness bundled- Home entertainment galore!

We’ve got food and drinks covered, but we’re still lacking a certain element of necessity in a perfect Christmas. Fun! How can one go through Christmas that is devoid of joy and happiness? As much as we want to endorse conversations and talks for festivities, we can’t help but go with the modern age where games and music are also important vectors of entertainment.

Despite Sony’s introduction of PS5 earlier this year, the PlayStation 4 for still holds tremendous value. Its exclusives and plethora of home games like God of War and Fortnite has been family favourites.

To compliment awesomeness, we need a TV equally as spectacular. UHD 4K TVs are the trend; their ability to portray visuals at such precision is almost terrifying. Not only are games played with a different visual experience, every scenes and emotions from movies are palpable. All the guilty pleasures Christmas-themed movies essentially come to life.

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Something for YOURSELF!

The old cliché “beer tastes better after a hard day’s work” is cringe-worthy yet holds truth. The ‘day’ in the original quote can realistically be replaced with ‘year’; our poor souls have been working 24/7 for the entire year and we say, you deserve something to reward yourself with!

End the year and start a new year with something exciting like a tablet or a smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is arguably the top-pick going in the New Year. Don’t let its lightweight and classy design fool you, because it packs a huge punch in terms of performance and work capability.

Speaking of lightweight, if you want something more personal, consider gifting yourself an iPhone. The iPhone needs no introduction, but we really can’t overstate its insane technological prowess and how seamless they are with Apple devices and apps. Hence, if you are already using Apple products why not go a step further and get yourself one of the world’s finest smartphone!

Other alternatives we would suggest are the Galaxy Note10 series by none other than Samsung. Pre-installed with era-defining cameras, we guarantee that you are able to take hyper realistic images for your Christmas celebration!

The BEST Christmas ever?

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