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Screen Crack Replacement Insurance provides cover against repair or replacement costs to the front screens of smartphones that is accidentally damaged. Limited to one (1) time claim only during the Period of Insurance as stated in the e-Certificate. T&C apply

Get Your Phone Screen Protected!

Icon 1 AS low As

As low as RM16

Icon 2 Authorized

Authorized Service Center

Icon 3 1 Year Cover

1 year Cover

Icon 4 Underwritten by AIG

Underwritten by AIG.

Icon 5 Cover up to RM15K

Cover up to RM15K

3 Simple Steps

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Purchase a smartphone/s* from any of our outlets

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Add On

Add on Screen Crack Replacement Inusrance cover on the spot for you new purchase smartphone

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Your phone screen is now protected!

NEW Plan Code Coverage NEW Price (RM)
SCR-SC1A RM0 RM250 16.00
SCR-SC2A RM251 RM500 20.00
SCR-SC3A RM501 RM750 29.00
SCR-SC4A RM751 RM1,000 40.00
SCR-SC5A RM1,001 RM1,250 52.00
SCR-SC6A RM1,251 RM1,500 64.00
SCR-SC7A RM1,501 RM2,000 90.00
SCR-SC8A RM2,001 RM2,500 115.00
SCR-SC9A RM2,501 RM3,000 141.00
SCR-SC10A RM3,001 RM3,500 167.00
SCR-SC11A RM3,501 RM4,000 193.00
SCR-SC12A RM4,001 RM4,500 218.00
SCR-SC13A RM4,501 RM5,000 244.00
SCR-SC14A RM5,001 RM5,500 270.00
SCR-SC15A RM5,501 RM6,000 296.00
SCR-SC16A RM6,001 RM6,500 321.00
SCR-SC17A RM6,501 RM7,000 347.00
SCR-SC18A RM7,001 RM7,500 373.00
SCR-SC19A RM7,501 RM8,000 399.00
SCR-SC20A RM8,001 RM8,500 411.00
SCR-SC21A RM8,501 RM9,000 435.00
SCR-SC22A RM9,001 RM9,500 451.00
SCR-SC23A RM9,501 RM10,000 475.00
SCR-SC24A RM10,001 RM11,000 512.00
SCR-SC25A RM11,001 RM12,000 560.00
SCR-SC26A RM12,001 RM13,000 609.00
SCR-SC27A RM13,001 RM14,000 658.00
SCR-SC28A RM14,001 RM15,000 707.00

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