Panasonic 20L Steam Convection Cubie Oven NU-SC180BMPQ

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Powerful Steam for Healthy Cooking
Cook More Variation 2 Tier Convection
Compact with Large Capacity Convenience

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Healthy Steam Cooking

Powerful steam lets you cook healthy and delicious dishes easily. The steam is generated through a boiler with a big 800 ml water tank to realize long and perfect steam cooking.

Two Steam Modes for Optimal Cooking Results

Choose Steam for bun, meat or seafood, and Steam-Low for soft-boiled egg, shrimp or chicken breast.

Can Bake a Lot of Dishes at Once

2-level convection cooking lets you bake a lot at once to make even large families happy. Hot air circulates throughout the oven to cook the food evenly.

Enjoy a Wider Range of Baked Dishes

Convection cooking temperature ranges from 100°C to 230°C. You can finely adjust the temperature to cook a wide variety of baked dishes.

Easy Simmering with Stew Mode

Steaming combined with convection cooking lets you easily make dishes that were troublesome and needed simmering for a long time, such as medicinal soups, with just the press of a button.

2 Different Temperatures for Fermentation

Fermentation setting can provide the appropriate conditions for easy homemade dough and yogurt making. New 30°C setting contributes to lean dough of hard bread and secondary fermentation of croissants.

Healthy Fry – with Minimal Oil

Hot air circulation lets you cook delicious, crispy but healthier food with a smaller amount of oil.

Steam Convection for Fluffier Results

This is a cooking method that combines convection heating and steam. Steam is sprayed on food during the baking process for fluffier cakes and juicer meat.

Easier Cooking with 18 Auto Menus

Auto cooking menu allows you to enjoy many of your favorite dishes.

High-temperature Steam for Easy Cleaning

6 Auto cleaning menus let you clean and deodorize feeding bottles, tableware and inside of the oven with high-temperature steam.

Spacious 20L Capacity, Yet Compact

Despite its compact design, the capacity is large enough to fit many and large items.

Stylish and Simple Design

The water tank is easy to remove by simply holding both sides of it and pulling it out. The large display with bright LED lamp, and operation panel with just four buttons mean it’s simple enough for anyone to use.


Convection Steam Oven

Oven Capacity

Door Release
Pull Down

Outside Dimensions (W×D×H): 404 mm×404 mm×376 mm
Outside Dimensions with Handle (W×D×H): 404 mm×438 mm×376 mm
Oven Cavity Dimensions (W×D×H): 320 mm×280 mm×220 mm

Water Tank
800 mL

Weight (approx.)
12.3 kg (without accessories)

Auto Menus
18 Cook Menus 6 Cleaning Settings

Cooking Functions
Steam: Steam (max. 60 mins) / Steam-Low (max. 30 mins)
Stew: max. 180 mins

Temperature Setting: 100℃-230℃
2-level cooking: Yes

30℃/ 40 ℃

Healthy Fry

Steam Convection

Metal Tray (×2)Wire Rack (×2)

More Information
Product Weight (kg) 12.3
Brand Panasonic
Capacity (L) 10 - 20 Liter
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