This Phone's Performance is Outshining Computers?

RAM fiesta! Pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S20+ and S20 Ultra with US!

They mean business this time! It’s go big or go home with Samsung this time around.

Smartphones, in general, have come a LONG way and have been through several ground-breaking performance strides. The last we could remember would be the 5G functionality that skyrocketed connectivity speed.

But we digress as the limelight for this time around is Samsung’s S20 Ultra 5G that is really cooking up a storm in the mobile industry.

16 GB RAM for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

16 GB RAM?

We remember back in the day—like the early 2000s where 1GB RAM phones were regarded as ‘top-tier’. That’s all history now as this whooping 16GB RAM option has now set a benchmark on the mobile performance criterion.

To put things into perspective, there are still laptops in the market that are installed with 4GB to 8GB RAM and is somehow acceptable. With that said, the Samsung S20 Ultra that possesses 16GB RAM really pushes the limit of mobile technology.

Aside from a gaming boost, with 16GB RAM, users can comfortably sit a TON of background apps on their phones. Expect the home button to be used more frequently and the task manager function to instantly clear out background apps might actually be obsolete for the Samsung S20 Ultra. This is also a possible solution to RAM hungry apps like Google browser and Facebook which has proved crippling to lower-end devices.

Yes, the RAM is the X factor for the Samsung S20 Ultra, but is there more to it though? Let us dive a little bit deeper on the other talking points for this anticipated gadget.

*Note that the 16GB RAM variant might not be sold on all stores so be sure to check with your buyers beforehand

120Hz screen for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra


The Infinity-O Display is no stranger to the mobile scene, but what is compelling is the fact that the Samsung S20 Ultra screen is utilizing a 120Hz panel. Any gamers or movie-goers will know the difference between a 60Hz and 120Hz screen’s capabilities. In layman terms, the movements and actions flowing and depicted through the 120Hz screen are smooth like butter.

Peeps that are enthusiasts in mobile games or are frequent movie watchers on their phones will definitely reap the best out of what this phone is able to offer.

100X digital zoom and 10X optical zoom with Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra


The 108 MP primary camera of the Samsung S20 Ultra will be accompanied by two other cameras. Pairing with it will be a 48 MP telephoto and 12 MP ultra-wide camera.

Additionally, the prism tech will be implemented which meant that this camera is capable of going up to 10X optical zoom and 100X digital zoom. This is notably convenient for travels with landscapes users wish to capture are distance away or even objects that are masked with obstacles can be captured to perfection.

As for video recording, the 40 MP camera allows for 4k resolution video recording. This is a treat for vloggers that are eager to record their lives in high-resolution with 60 fps which is a feast of the eyes.

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