8 Amazing Features of Samsung Galaxy S10 You Must Know!

The Samsung Galaxy S10 series was released amidst much hype and fanfare in March. The top of the line, flagship phone by Samsung, has been clocking record numbers in terms of sales, all over the world. The S10 is the successor to the previous S9 model, which is also considered one of the best Samsung phones to have ever launched. Malaysia which is one of the fastest growing markets for smartphones and phablets has witnessed excellent growth in the segment. The Samsung Galaxy Note9 was a runaway hit and now that the S10 has officially launched, fans can also expect the Note9 price and other regions to drop. If you are anyways going to buy the latest Samsung S10, read our guide that will tell you about its 8 amazing features that set it apart from its other competitors:


The Samsung Galaxy S10 series has got rave pre-release reviews for its Display. The device sports a 6.4-inch (S10+), super AMOLED display which gives unmatched picture clarity and vivid colours. The device is capable of supporting a resolution of 1440p which is amongst the highest in Android smartphone devices. If you are looking for a crisp display then the Samsung S10 might just be the perfect phone for you as it also is capable of HDR 10+ support. Check out our website at Senheng for most competitive prices for the Samsung S10.


The S10 is one of the latest and most powerful smartphones launched which is capable of running 5G. 5G support is still something of a rarity with smartphones, and the S10 has this advantage over its rivals. A lot of countries are already switching to 5G for greater speeds and a better online experience.

Qi Wireless Charging

One of the best features of the flagship Samsung phone from the Galaxy series, is the support for the Qi charging. The wireless charging technology gives a clear edge to the S10 over its competitors.


The device boasts of a 4000mAh, battery which is an improvement over the S9’s 3,500. More calls, more apps, more gaming, more video recording, possible due to the higher battery capacity. The device also has support for fast charging technology.

In-screen Fingerprint Reader

The device also features the latest tech in biometrics and fingerprint readers in the form of the ultrasonic technology. The device has an ultrasonic in screen fingerprint reader which makes the model more compact and lightweight.


The rear camera of the S10 sports a multi-lens setup which allows quality and crisp pictures even in low lighting. The camera is truly one of the best features of the phone and it also has a depth sensor for the front-facing camera for the perfect selfie!

The Headphone Jack

The headphone jack is becoming a rarity in these times, and is inconveniencing a lot of users who are accustomed to just plugging in their favourite headphones and enjoying quality music. The headphone jack on the S10 is a welcome change for a vast majority.


Last but not the least, the S10 is packed with a powerful processor in the form of the SnapDragon Kryo 485 or the Exynos Octa Core, depending upon the region. Both processors are extremely powerful and make things like multitasking and gaming a breeze.

The Samsung Galaxy S10, with its long list of amazing features, is surely giving its competitors a run for their money. Skip the queue and get the best prices for the Samsung Galaxy S10 from Senheng, Malaysia favourite online electronics store! Happy shopping!