Why should you shop at Senheng for the 12.12 event?

Yep! We’re heading towards the final double ‘number date’ event of the year and everyone’s shopping vibe is up and kicking! We’re sure that most of us have the option of choosing from various shopping platforms, but this article will help walk you through on why is it so beneficial to shop at Senheng Malaysia for this 12.12 event.

Generous discounts

What would a shopping event be without price cuts!? Any wise shopper would know how to pounce on opportunities like this, chances where product prices are at an all-time low, and with Senheng Malaysia we’re featuring discounts worth up to 60%! What is even more brilliant is that these deals cover a wide range of items, from futuristic digital gadgets to home enriching appliances!

Free gifts and vouchers

For certain products, customers are rewarded with mystery complimentary free gifts that are rare and are worth your time. Hence, we highly recommend our customers to browse more on our rich catalogues and pick out which deals do they find the best cause we have a huge variety of it.

Additionally, we are also offering vouchers based the amount you’ve spent for this coming 12.12. Yup. Just get what you want till your heart’s content. Therefore, the more you spent the better. Shower yourself with awesome gifts from various brands and end the year with a blast!

trade in

HSBC Special

Have you ever envision yourself submerging in the wonders of Bangkok? We’re offering HSBC members a chance to travel to Bangkok while using their credit card. All you really need to do is to follow these few steps. Simple and easy, the steps can be found HERE. Besides that, there are also other rewards for HSBC credit card holders like iPhone 11 Pro giveaways, so seize this moment and capitalize on them now!

Extra 1-year warranty

PlusOne members are also entitled to an extra year of warranty. Yes, on top of the manufacturer’s warranty, we at Senheng Malaysia offer an extended protection and security for the items you purchase. As such, the products you purchase from us are well and truly protected, so if you haven’t subscribed to our PlusOne membership, do it NOW over HERE!

0% EPP interest for up to 36 months

Plan your payment wisely with us, for PlusOne members get to enjoy 0% EPP interest for up to 36 months. This means that for a certain amount of price, users can intelligently manage their payment and plan ahead in completing their payment.

Final Note

As you can tell, Senheng Malaysia offers a variety of promos and deals that safeguard and maximizes customer satisfaction. So tune in this 12.12 HERE and have an awesome shopping spree to end the year with!