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  1. Electrolux ComfortFlow™ 800 Water Heater (DC pump) ELE-EWE361MBDST1
    Special Price RM1,099.00 Regular Price RM1,160.00
  2. Alpha Water Heater M5 ALP-M5iRSMG11
    Special Price RM779.00 Regular Price RM859.00
  3. Panasonic Water Heater PSN-DH3MT1
    Special Price RM419.00 Regular Price RM420.00
  4. Panasonic Water Heater PSN-DH3MS1
    Special Price RM379.00 Regular Price RM380.00
  5. Panasonic Water Heater PSN-DH3MP2
    Special Price RM678.00 Regular Price RM679.00

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    Special Price RM3,749.00 Regular Price RM3,999.00
  2. LG 1.5HP Dual Inverter Deluxe Air Conditioner S3-Q12JA3WA
    Special Price RM2,265.00 Regular Price RM2,299.00
  3. LG 2.5HP Dual Inverter Deluxe Air Conditioner S3-Q24K23WA
    Special Price RM4,269.00 Regular Price RM4,399.00
  4. LG 1.0HP Dual Inverter Deluxe Air Conditioner S3-Q09JA3WA
    Special Price RM1,914.00 Regular Price RM1,949.00
  5. Sharp Air Conditioner J Tech Inverter 2.5HP R32 AHX24VED
    Special Price RM3,499.00 Regular Price RM3,949.00
  6. Sharp Air Conditioner J Tech Inverter 2.0HP R32 AHX18VED
    Special Price RM2,859.00 Regular Price RM3,499.00
  7. Hitachi 2.0HP R32 Deluxe Inverter Air Conditioner HTC-RASSH18CKM
    Special Price RM4,069.00 Regular Price RM4,783.00
  8. Hitachi 2.5HP R32 Deluxe Inverter Air Conditioner HTC-RASSH24CKM
    Special Price RM4,655.00 Regular Price RM5,453.00

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