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BigBang Redemption1
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BigBang Redemption4
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BigBang Redemption24
BigBang Redemption25
BigBang Redemption26
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BigBang Redemption35
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BigBang Redemption40
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BigBang Redemption42
BigBang Redemption43
BigBang Redemption44
BigBang Redemption45
BigBang Redemption46
BigBang Redemption47
BigBang Redemption48
BigBang Redemption49
BigBang Redemption50
BigBang Redemption51
BigBang Redemption52
BigBang Redemption53
BigBang Redemption54
BigBang Redemption55
BigBang Redemption56
BigBang Redemption57
BigBang Redemption58
BigBang Redemption59

Terms and Conditions

  1. Promotion is valid for PlusOne® members only.
  2. Valid for in-store redeem only.
  3. Pictures are for illustration purposes only.
  4. Upon the member requesting the redemption of points for a reward, the relevant number of points will be deducted from the member’s account, the balance account will continue to be valid and may be used to redeem further rewards.
  5. Each cardmember is entitled to redeem/purchase minimum one (1) or maximum ten (10) electronic appliances/accessories by models.
  6. The rewards set out in this rewards redemption catalogue are valid for redemption from 23 October to 31 December 2022 or while stocks last.
  7. No reward points will be given upon redemption of rewards.
  8. All prices are inclusive of 6% SST.