V-Care Trade In

Extended Warranty Optional Settlement (“EWOS”) Program


Also known as V-Care Trade-In

Optional settlement choice to trade in the product for store credit based on the product price band of the products. In the event that a trade-in is made, the said Service Contract will be terminated.


To participate in EWOS:

a) Customers must have purchased their Product from a Senheng outlet.

b) Customers must have purchased a Service Contract for the Product.

c) Customers must be Malaysian or non-Malaysian residing in Malaysia, aged 18 years and above except the employees (and their immediate families) of Senheng, their affiliates and/or related companies, distributors, retailers, advertising and campaign agencies.

Products Eligible for EWOS:

1) ​TV

2) ​Fridge/SBS

3) ​Laundry

4) ​Air-Conditioner

5) ​Smartphone


1. Store Credit which is in the form of Replacement voucher can only be used to purchase a new Product within the same product category.

2. The Service Contract will be terminated with immediate effect upon signing the EWOS letter of indemnity issued by Senheng. No refund will be payable upon termination.

3. The Product will need to be assessed and diagnosed by Senheng and the claim will need to be identified as being a valid Service Contract Holder Claim under the Service Contract

4. The Product shall be free from any damages such as physical damage (e.g. crack), liquid damage and lightning damage.

5. Customer may have option to trade in their repair set for selected products category during their 1st time and 2nd time EW CSO.

6. To be eligible for EWOS entitlement, the EWOS trade in amount must be within the aggregate balance after deducting the 1st EW CSO claim. Customer Service Order is hereinafter referred to as “CSO”.

7. Customers will have to utilize the Replacement Voucher within 30 days upon signing the EWOS letter of indemnity issued by Senheng.

8. Customers must remove all personal information from the Product (if applicable) and agree to release and discharge Senheng from further performance of, and all claims and demands in relation to the Service Contract with respect to the Product. Failing which, Senheng shall not be held responsible or liable in any way for any claims, damages, losses, expenses, costs or liabilities whatsoever resulting or arising directly or indirectly from or in connection with the personal information being divulged or leaked to any parties or to any platforms.

9. Senheng reserves all right to alter, extend or terminate the EWOS Program and to add, remove, modify or amend the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In case of any disputes in connection with the EWOS Program, the decision of Senheng shall be final.