Panasonic 650L Premium Dark Mirror 6-door PRIME+ Edition Refrigerator NR-WY720ZMMM

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Prime Freeze
Prime Fresh
Nanoe X

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Harmonious Design for Everyday Living

PRIME+ Edition refrigerator seamlessly integrates food storage and meal preparation with innovative technologies.

The premium design and superior functionality of this fridge will blend into your lifestyle effortlessly.


We take pride in the versatile beauty of the Panasonic PRIME+ EDITION. A functional food storage solution created in a contemporary design for enjoyable meal preparation every day, staying true to the essence of Future Craft philosophy.



The highly functional PRIME+ EDITION is designed with space, hygiene, usability and reliability in mind, which are essential values for a wellness lifestyle. It blends harmoniously into your home while enriching your everyday life.

Panasonic 650L SBS Multidoor Inverter PSN-NRWY720ZM

Freshly Soft Frozen Fish & Meat, Always Ready to Cook

Prepare quick, fresh, and healthy meals without defrosting. Prime Fresh gently freezes fish and meat at approx. -3°C, preserving nutrients and flavours for up to 7 days*. Easily separate seafood and meat with spacious dual-compartment storage.

Panasonic 650L SBS Multidoor Inverter PSN-NRWY720ZM

Fresher Fruit, Crisper Greens

Extend the shelf life of fruit and vegetables in an ideal environment. The Fresh Safe with a Moisture Control Filter provides optimal humidity control of up to 90%,ensuring your produce stays fresh and crisp for longer.

Panasonic 650L SBS Multidoor Inverter PSN-NRWY720ZM

Hygienic Storage Solution for Healthier Eating

nanoe™ X Technology keeps your ingredients in a safe and hygienic environment. It is proven to inhibit up to 99.99%* of bacteria, deodorise and neutralise pesticides on fresh produce. A simple rinse is all it takes to enjoy clean and safe ingredients.

Panasonic 650L SBS Multidoor Inverter PSN-NRWY720ZM

Organise Your Bottles Neatly

Keep your bottles neat in 3 ways. Simply adjust your storage according to your needs to free up some space, showcase your bottle collections or use it as a shelf for additional storage. The choice is yours.*

Panasonic 650L SBS Multidoor Inverter PSN-NRWY720ZM

Convenient Automatic Ice Maker

Easily adjust your ice storage space to keep more ice or make room for your favourite dessert.

Panasonic 650L SBS Multidoor Inverter PSN-NRWY720ZM

Personalised Control, Wherever You Are

Conveniently change settings, monitor energy savings, and receive notifications on your phone. Stay connected and control your fridge for a hassle-free experience via the Panasonic SmartApp+.










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