Panasonic Ultra Filtration Alkaline Ionizer PSN-TKAS65

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1-Year Warranty

Generates 7 kinds of water
Continuation mode (Auto)
Water switching lever with hot water guard
Acidic water stand
Automatic electrode cleaning
No wasted water during Purification mode operation
Kitchen timer

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For a Healthier Stomach

The effect alkaline ionized water has on improving gastrointestinal symptoms is approved under by the Japan Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act (PMD Act) regulation. If you’re drinking it for the first time, you’re recommended to start with water that has a pH of 8.5 until you gradually become used to it.

- Alleviates feeling of heaviness or discomfort in stomach
- Helps gastrointestinal movement for favorable bowel movements

Effectively Supports Daily Cooking

Alkaline ionized water permeates food more than other water, and has special effects such as extracting flavor and making food tender. pH 9.5: Brings out the flavor of food. pH 9.5/9.0: Softens food. pH 10.0: Removes astringent taste.

Water Switching Lever with Hot Water Guard

The lever enables easy switching between purified water, unpurified water, and unpurified shower water. And even if you mistakenly switch to hot water (about 60°C or higher), the hot water guard prevents it from flowing to the main unit. (Hot water flows out from the hot water opening.)

Generates 7 Kinds of Water to Support Your Life

This model generates ionized water with 6 different pH values, and purified water for various uses. Ionized water has unique properties other water doesn't have that contribute to a healthier daily life.
(pH 3.0 water, which is useful for washing items and removing tea stains in cups, is output from the acidic water stand when Alkaline 4 is selected and the faucet is turned to reduce water flow.)


General Information
Rating: 220-240 V ~ , 50 Hz, 0.8 A
Power Consumption: Approx. 130 W (approx. 1 W during standby)
Temperature of Water Used by Alkaline Ionizer: Under 35 ℃ (under 80 ℃ for bypass selector)
Pressure of Water Used by Alkaline Ionizer (dynamic pressure): 70 kPa to 350 kPa
Usable Water Service Pressure (static pressure): 70 kPa to 750 kPa
Purified Water Output Volume: 1.6 L/min. (at 100 kPa water pressure)
Filtration Flow Volume: 1.6 L/min. (at 100 kPa water pressure)
Cartridge Installed in the Unit: TK-AS65C1-EX
Guide for Time to Replace Cartridge: Approx. 1 year
Filter Material: Non-woven fabric, granular activated carbon, ceramic, powdered activated carbon, hollow fi ber membrane
Components which cannot be Filtered Out: Iron dissolved in water, heavy metals (silver, copper, etc.), salt (seawater)
Length of Power Cord: Approx. 3 m
Power Protection Device: Current fuse: 2.5 A
Overheating Protection Devices (inside isolation transformer): Overheating protector (automatic resetting type, activated at temperature of 120 ℃) Thermal fuse (activated at temperature of 145 ℃) × 1

Main Unit
Dimensions (WxDxH): Approx. 200 x 123 x 318 mm
Weight: Approx. 4.1 kg (approx. 4.6 kg when full of water)

Electrolysis Method: Continuous electrolysis
Output Water Volume (flow of water produced): 1.2 L/min. (at 100 kPa water pressure), 2.5 L/min. (at 200 kPa water pressure)
Electrolysis Capability Selection: Alkaline: 4 levels; weak acidic: 2 levels
Continuous Operation Capability: Approx. 30 minutes at room temperature (approx. 10 minutes for Stronger at Alkaline 3 (Drinking water in daily life), Alkaline 4 capability (Strongly Alkaline), Weak Acidic)
Electrolyzer Life: Approx. 850 hours cumulative (ion water production time, cleaning time only)
Electrolytic Cleaning: Auto cleaning method (cleaning time: approx. 35 seconds, waste water drain time: approx. 15 seconds)

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